Reno Pops Hillary Case Memorial Scholarship

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The Reno Pops Orchestra has established a scholarship fund in memory of Hillary Case, a dedicated violinist and member of the orchestra for many years. The “Reno Pops Hillary Case Memorial Scholarship” will be awarded to graduating high school seniors and college students to continue their college studies.

Eligible applicants must be participants in the Reno Pops Orchestra and must be committed to making music a part of their life. High school seniors, college students, and returning college students are eligible.

                   2015/16 Scholarship Winner:  Gwen dePolo



2014/15 Scholarship Winner: Aren Long
2013/14 Scholarship Winner: Madalyn Tsugawa
2012/13 Scholarship Winner: Tawni DePaoli
2011/12 Scholarship Winner: David Brown
2010 Scholarship Winner: Eric Kao
2009 Scholarship Winner: Chris Thomas
2008 Scholarship Winner: Lysa Gelles
2007 Scholarship Winner: Raymundo Gamboa Jacinto