About Us

We are an Orchestra for Everyone

The Reno Pops Orchestra seeks to help children and adults in our community explore a wide range of orchestral music. To accomplish this goal, we:

    • Provide free and low cost concerts in Northern Nevada and Northeastern California to as wide an audience as possible, including family and children’s concerts.
    • Educate and excite audiences with entertaining, accessible performances of the highest quality from a wide variety of styles, periods, and genres. 
    • Gather regularly as a community to devoted musicians from all walks of life to share our love of an dedication to music; performing professional-level literature under an accomplished conductor.
    • Encourage young talent through scholarships and guest artist opportunities, our summer music camp and our other quality outreach programs. 

The Reno Pops is comprised of students and adults of all ages. Our orchestra members come from all walks of life: Advanced high school and college students; adults who enjoy music as a hobby; school music teachers; retired folks; and professional musicians who like having a home base where they can keep their skills up between gigs.


President Kathy Walton
Vice-President Donald Moore
Secretary Lois Parks
Treasurer Victoria Bush
Production Linda Brown
Music Librarian June Thompson
Assistant Music Librarian Gloria Melms
Historian Carley Sullivan
Members Theresea Benedetti, Ryan Canoy, Janice Clarke, Ivye Johnson, Lee Johnson, Josh Mittendorf, Jeri Pedersen, David Richards, Katie Deutsch
Musical Director Jane K. Brown